Welcome to MARMEWS web site, home of  MARMEWS Silver Persians. We breed CHINCHILLA and SHADED SILVER Persians. Also -- new in 2005 -- Smoke and Shaded Persians.

Silver Persians are basically white with black tippingon the ends of the fur along the back and tail with some tipping on the face of the Shaded Silver.

The only difference between Chinchilla Silver and Shaded Silver is the amount of tipping. They have sparkling green eyes rimmed in black, which is called "mascara" and black liner around the lips, called "lipstick". We like to say they are the only cats that wake up with their make up on! They have a very sweet expression and a sweet and calm temperament.

Our kitties are raised in our home and the kittens have plenty of exercise and inter-action with us while growing up. By the time they are ready to go to their new homes they have had all their shots, have had time to be with their mother and siblings and, of course, know how to use the litter pan!

Our goal is to breed "Show Quality" Silver Persians, mainly for our own enjoyment. Good health and temperament are a requirement. My husband, Lowell, and I enjoy this hobby together.

There is nothing automatic about producing a "Show Quality" Persian, therefore, we have kittens available to live in your home, as your children. We can only keep a certain number, so from time to time we have Show Quality kittens available to pet homes, as well.

Please enjoy the pictures, in the following pages, of our "family". Contact us if you are interested in a new baby now, or in the future. Reservations accepted.

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Marmews Silver Persians, Southern California

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