The Owners

We have been breeding Silver Persians since 1986. Our mentors were breeders with 20 or more year's experience in the cat fancy. We have continued to learn from our own experiences and from the experiences of other breeders of CFA cats. Our cattery was registered with the Cat Fancier's Association, Inc. (CFA) in 1989.

We have been active members of the Malibu Cat Club, a CFA sponsored Cat Club since 1989. Both my husband and I have held offices for many years within the club. We have been very active in producing our Club's annual Cat show as Show Manager,  Assistant Manager, Show Secretary, and director of advertising and publicity. I am currently the Club Secretary, a position I have held for over 15 years and my husband, Lowell, has held position of President. The exposure has been immeasurably valuable to our learning process, while allowing us a way of giving back to the cat fancy we love and to the ideals they strongly support.

We are dedicated to educating the  public and all cat owners on the virtues of spaying and neutering pets as well as the benefits of keeping cats indoors. We encourage an ongoing relationship with our pet owners and provide continual education and support to all of them.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you wish to contact me, please fill out our form or email me.

                    - Marti Semans

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